Thursday, 30 May 2013

Welcome to Mothers Against Abuse

Updated Oct. 3, 2013

Founded in April 2013, we started Mothers Against Abuse with an anonymous friend in hopes of helping a friend whose 2 children were in immediate danger and being abused.

I'm overjoyed to announce we've met our immediate objective of aiding our first mother who applied for financial aid! Although she doesn't have her children removed from their abuser yet, she has all the lawyers, evidence, and resources she needs to move forward now! We hope everything goes swiftly and justly, and the kids are able to leave their abuser legally forever and live permanently with their loving mother.

Our objective now is to raise awareness about abuse against children and women as well as end all abuse, be it violent, verbal, or neglect, across Canada!

While us volunteers here at Mothers Against Abuse want to help as many women and children as possible with financial aid otherwise unattainable anywhere else. (eg: Lawyer Fees) We are discovering becoming a government recognized charity is a tireless and long process. We do want to become government registered eventually but we also need to acknowledge we have a lot of learning to do about working in non-profit.

Therefore, with some regret, we have to announce that we are currently putting financial aid on hold until we have all the right resources and time ourselves to meet our goals. We will continue to offer online support and resources while we figure the rest out. We have opened a trust fund in the name of Mothers Against Abuse where the remainder of your generous donations are growing interest until we are able to move on with this dream of ours.

In this dream, we want to help by paying lawyer fees, transport fees, therapy costs, and we plan to partner with a major hotel chain, a major nationwide transportation enterprise, and a major retailer for mothers and children who need to make emergency escapes no matter where in Canada they are. We understand the genuine concern of where your money is going. We are still accepting donations via PayPal, as it is the most globally recognized safe way to electronically transport money, where it will be moved directly into the trust fund.

Mothers Against Abuse has grown into something wonderful full of support we are overwhelmed with! There has been demand for merchandise, and stories are coming in of those in need of aid. We have no doubt we will reach our goals eventually, so thank you for your continued patience and support.

We need volunteers in every corner of the country. Currently we have 2 in New Brunswick, 1 in Manitoba, and 2 in British Columbia. If you would like to volunteer, please email us directly at

For more merchandise options, please visit our shop at We have t-shirts, to buttons, to mugs, to dog shirts available if that is your thing! Most proceeds go to Mothers Against Abuse subtracting the initial manufacturing cost.

There are still many ways you can help end abuse and the most important is networking:
1) Like us on Facebook, and SHARE our page with your friends
2) Donate any amount of money if you are financially able to
3) Purchase merchandise from our CafePress page above
4) Show your support by wearing a Ribbon and/or Wristband/or Phone Charm! (available by PayPal Donation: $2.50 for the ribbon, $3.50 wristband, $5.50 for the phone charm, or $10 for all 3! Be sure to include your mailing address with the donation, postage is included)

Thank you so much for your continued support and generosity!
The Mothers Against Abuse Volunteers